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"UTOS 4" Enterprise of the Citizens' Association "Kharkov Training and Production Enterprise No. 4 of the Ukrainian Society of the Blind"

Punching (roll) press RP-1790

Punching (roll) press RP-1790
Punching (roll) press RP-1790
Punching (roll) press RP-1790
Punching (roll) press RP-1790
Punching (roll) press RP-1790

    Role-playing presses are designed to perform technological operations for cutting (cutting) complex configurations (cutting) from corrugated cardboard, cardboard, rubber, poronite and other sheet materials in the manufacture of packages, containers, gaskets, seals, decorative elements, car body skins, etc.


The punching press has two steel shafts arranged one above the other. A polymer "shirt" is put on the upper shaft. The main tool for the manufacture of products is a die-cut, consisting of a sheet of plywood with cutting, bending and perforating knives installed on it. When feeding a die with a workpiece laid on it between the rotating shafts, the upper shaft presses the workpiece against the knives, as a result of which the workpiece is cut, creased and perforated in the required places. Changeover of the machine to another size consists in replacing the die-cutting punch matrix and adjusting the gap between the shafts, corresponding to the thickness of the material being processed.


Side tables for this press are made according to a separate order.

Technical characteristics of the machine
Die cutting speed 0,741 m/s
Technical performance 9000 pc
Cutting shaft length 900 mm
Maximum workpiece size 1250*2200 mm
Distance between shafts 10-100 mm
Accuracy of setting the distance between the shafts 0,1 mm
Total installed capacity 4 kW
Length 6400 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 1600 mm
Machine weight 1600 Kg
Table 3100*1860 mm (disassembled)
Frame 2100*1010 mm (disassembled)

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